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Technology advances in leaps and has changed both our way of working as well as our way of buying and interacting. Due to this, digital transformation in companies, far from being an option, has become a necessity. 

However, it is not an easy process to carry out and one that everyone understands, which is why many companies continue with outdated work processes. 

Find out what digital transformation consists of and what benefits it can bring to your business!

Simply put, digital transformation integrates digital technologies and solutions into all business areas. It is a process carried out throughout a company’s life, and that implies a change in the way of acting and thinking for managers and the workforce. In other words, digital transformation is a path, not an end.

Usually, this topic is associated with something purely related to technology, isn’t it? However, it is essential to clarify that this process is much more than just that: it is a technological and cultural change.

It is a commitment to the future, new work methods, strategies, and opportunities. This commitment brings process automation, cost minimization, communication improvement, and efficiency maximization.

Benefits of digital transformation in companies

What are we going to talk about in this article?

  • Benefits of digital transformation in companies
    • Greater efficiency and productivity
    • Better communication with customers
    • Eases the search for qualified personnel
    • Sales associated with your employee network and visibility
    • Company happiness
    • Cost reduction
    • Extends the life of the company
  • Digital Transformation: Core Technologies
    • Modern ERP and database technologies
    • Internet of things (IoT)
    • Cloud connectivity
  • Digital transformation: How not to die trying?
  1. Digital training for managers and the workforce
  2. Knowledge of digital tools
  3. Brand Recognition
  4. Use of Big Data
  • Conclusion

All levels and functions of a modern business are touched by digital transformation. That is why a digitally transformed company achieves greater benefits than a traditional business model. But what are those advantages?

Greater efficiency and productivity

Digital transformation is impossible without data, which is key to understanding customers and their preferences. Structured data, such as that obtained from CRM systems, helps companies generate information about their customers based on their past purchases and transaction history.

Your business may also collect unstructured data from your customers through social media. This greater understanding allows you to optimize your company’s sales channel strategies to better adapt to the needs and preferences of buyers.

Better communication with customers

Greater efficiency includes having better interactions with your customers, who want their needs met on their own terms. Personalized service plans and real-time access to data will help meet your expectations and drive retention and loyalty.

Facilitates the search for qualified personnel

Today, the most highly-skilled employees have a digital background and fully understand the technological world of business. 

If you can offer positions where they can apply their knowledge and skills, there is no doubt that they will want to join your company. In case of not doing so, the risk of running out of qualified labor is imminent. 

In short, these types of “digital employees” like to be in contact and interact with their future employers through means with which they feel comfortable. 

For example, the interviews will be, in many cases, online. They will also look for information about your business online; it is convenient for them to find and positively showcases your company!

And you should not forget about the company’s internal communication since it facilitates staff integration. Currently, countless media, forums, social networks, and other types of interaction platforms make spaces for reviews possible and allow you to know, at least in those areas, the comments about your company.

Sales associated with your employee networks and visibility

What could be better than getting to know your client through their social networks, seeing who they are, what sports they play, what they do in their free time, who their favorite writer is, and fundamentally, what they think of your products? 

This is called social selling and is widely used in megastores as a sales multiplier. Did you know about it? Well, now you do. Plus, this is another sales strategy that is undergoing digital transformation.

Company happiness

In addition to new hires, your current employees should also be kept happy. Continuous training will make them feel safe and motivated since they realize that digitization will improve their jobs.

Costs reduction

Optimizing internal processes in all business areas saves time, materials, transportation, taxes, and other variables that can reduce your bottom line.

Extends the life of the company

Whoever best adapts to the environment will survive, and whoever doesn’t will go extinct. New technologies are present in more and more organizations, and your system has to know how to speak the same language as your customers, collaborators, and competitors. 

By digitally transforming your company, you’ll update how you speak to customers, your workflows, and your bottom line. Otherwise, not joining the new digital environment will make you lose the opportunity to interact with those who should or need your opinion.

Transformación Digital para tu Empresa - MD Marketing Digital

Digital Transformation: Core Technologies

Some of the core technologies of digital transformation are:

Modern ERP and database technologies

ERPs are essentially the “brains” of the digital transformation of a business. The best cloud ERP solutions use in-memory database technology, making them scalable and adaptable.

ERP takes all the core processes needed to run a business and integrates them into a single system. Powered by Artificial Intelligence technologies, the ERP also analyzes and learns from Big Data.

Internet of things (IoT)

Devices and machines on an IoT network can send and receive digital data. Those business systems powered by Artificial Intelligence continuously analyze the information in search of patterns, trends, and correlations, resulting in guaranteed efficiency and productivity.

Cloud connectivity

A critically important component of the success of IoT digital transformation and networking is cloud-based infrastructure. Centralized, on-demand-access systems, assets, and data allow organizations to scale infrastructure as needed and quickly change or automate workflows.

Digital transformation: How not to die trying?

As pointed out at the beginning of this article, digital transformation in a company is a challenging process. To incorporate the changes in the most natural way possible, their implementation must be personalized and appropriate to each business.

This metamorphosis affects all areas of the company. Its implementation must be gradual so that all members can assimilate its effects in the best possible way and avoid making it traumatic.

Below we explain four keys to take into account when starting the digital transformation process of your company and not die trying.

1. Digital training of people

The people within your company are a vital aspect of the digital transformation to be successful. There are only a few good results if those involved are not interested in building and actively participating in this process.

But no one wants to strive for something they don’t know or understand. For this reason, it is essential that the workforce rows in the direction you want to go for them to understand what this change consists of, the benefits they will obtain in their professional career, and how it will affect their personal lives.

2. Knowledge of digital tools

The digital transformation in a company is not reduced to a new website, good e-commerce, or having a presence on social networks such as Linkedin and Instagram. Other critical processes are a part of this technological advance, such as an ERP in the cloud and other software offered by developer Sitecore firms.

It is essential to bear in mind that you must be open to contracting external services that help to achieve the stipulated business objectives.

3. Brand recognition

In the era in which we live, being a recognized brand backed by an excellent digital reputation opens doors to new business opportunities.

Don’t you want to be the first brand your client thinks of? Well, this takes a lot of planning and presence. To achieve this, your best allies will be digital conversation skills and social engagement.

4. Use of Big Data

The star of digital transformation is Big Data. The organization and exploration of your business’s data will help you focus on demand.


A company’s digital transformation never ends, as the market will always create new tools -tools that will improve your operations through the use of Big Data, new marketing techniques, social networks, social media, new HR processes, and logistics interconnection.

There are many new things and many more to come. To be on the path of transformation, you must update yourself and incorporate new tech into your company. Any business that wants to succeed in the market needs to renew and adapt.

After all this analysis, the benefits of being “digitally up-to-date” are evident. Digital transformation is not an option! You are already immersed in it, and perhaps you did not even realize it… or do you?

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