What is a landing page and what is it for?

qué es una landing page

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We can define a landing page as a preliminary web page where we want to highlight something special, be it a product, or some novelty or promotion of a product. They are used specially for SEM (Search Engine Marketing), better known as Google Ads.

The great advantage that landing pages offer is the ability to direct the user to a site where they are provided with the relevant and necessary information to complete the purchase of a product or service, instead of to the company’s general website. Landing pages are great tools for Google Ads, since by clicking on these ads, Google directs the user to the specific landing pages, and not to the website of the company in question, since this can generate an abundance of information and as a result, confuse the user, causing them not to purchase the product or service.

The success of a business depends mainly on its conversion rate, that is, the percentage of people who change their status from simple visitor to client. For this, we need various elements that make up digital marketing, like, for example, neuromarketing or inbound marketing, which is also in fashion. But the gateway to conversions usually opens here: the landing page.

A landing page is a virtual page that contains the main offer and the reasons not to miss it. Offers that the company intends to promote. This page is part of the sales funnel and its contents must appeal to emotions and urgency, vital components in the making of decisions that result in a final click on a full cart or the total confidence of our buyer persona that will give us their contact information.

For this to happen, the page must contain the appropriate number of calls to action for the visitor to click on and leave us their contact information.

In this way, if the purchase has not occurred in this first direct contact with the service or product that we offer, we will have the opportunity to contact our prospect through the battery of e-mails that we will already have prepared to finish convincing him or her. Maybe we opt for a remarketing list and the well-known PPC strategies to contact the lead. Sometimes people think that without providing an email they will get rid of tracking, but this is not the case and that’s all thanks to navigation cookies. Through them, users will remain in contact, even if it is anonymous, with the pages they have previously visited. 

Current landing page examples

In addition to knowing what a landing page is, we are interested in knowing some current examples that circulate on the web, such as:

Microsoft Office 365: provides a clear and concise message, it offers an e-book in exchange for you to provide your contact information and, the thing that sets them apart from its competitors, it offers you a link at the bottom of the page to expand the product information if you don’t want the e-book. The latter is a great example that many landing pages should follow, as it shows interest in informing the client, even the most distrustful and reticent, to provide a simple email.

ShopifyPlus: when it comes to the color palette, this landing page has opted for tranquility and serenity. With its non-saturated tones, it does not distract the client nor does it want to capture their attention through the chromatic resource, but rather uses it as “background music” for the eyes. Their messages are clear: commerce for multichannel companies and trusted by high-volume, high-growth retailers. Another point in its favor is that it uses the right amount of text.

Uber: Its strengths are reflected in their compelling messages. Drive with Uber, earn money in your own time and drive when you want, earn what you need. They have proven to be more than a slogan that whoever visits the page will remember for a long time: it is what every person with free time and a vehicle wants if they need to work.

Difference between landing page and home page

Now that we know what a landing page is and how it works, it is time to know the difference between a landing page and a home page.

A home page creates the path that takes the user to the relevant information. The user who arrives at this page can do so with a great variety of intentions.

Instead, a landing page offers the answer to the client’s needs through specific content. When arriving at this page, the user’s intention is one and very specific.

A good marketing strategy includes both pages, since they complement each other to achieve the final result we want: the conversion and the subsequent sale.

SEO tips for a successful landing page

We have already explored what a landing page is, so we only have to provide the latest tips so that all the work you have put into building and writing it gains the visibility in Google that will lead you to the conversions you expect.

For your landing page to be efficient for your purposes and eventually rank in Google, you must apply the following Basic SEO strategies:

  •          Select the keywords with which you want to position yourself
  •          Type in keywords in bold letters
  •          Choose a unique theme
  •          Include the keywords in the url
  •          Do not commit plagiarism (it is highly penalized)
  •          Develop a link building strategy
  •          Update your content regularly

Pro Tips

It is essential that whoever has done the search in Google finds the answer to their query.

Above all, you have to avoid that whoever entered your landing returns to the search engine to continue investigating. This would be a clear sign that the user’s search intent has not been responded to. Don’t expect to convert or rank if this is the case.


A landing page is your great ally to achieve the conversion that your business needs to take off. Be detailed in its preparation and maintenance, and it will more than return the attention provided.

If you are interested in web positioning, we can help you.

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