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Welcome English-speaking friends to our new article. Over here we’re still emotional after Argentina’s triumph in the World Cup. With tears in your eyes and bellies full of beer and fernet, we’re back to work.

A new year is coming and with it, new challenges. We know that our industry is always changing. In fact, we could characterize it as Zygmunt Bauman would characterize modernity: liquid. It slips through our fingers, transforming at a dizzying pace. There are always new tools to learn to use, new platforms, dynamics, algorithms. But we should not be discouraged, all it takes is a little intelligence and willpower to keep up.

So let’s break down some of the trends that are projected for this 2023 so you can prepare for this challenging year ahead.


GTP-4: the new search engine?

This is one of the most discussed trends for the coming year. GPT-4 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 4) is a tool developed by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research organization. This tool is programmed to understand and generate natural language from content available online. Due to its enormous effectiveness, it is already being used to automate many manual processes in digital marketing, not only content writing. 

GTP-4 is very useful for generating answers to specific questions such as “what is a CRM?”, summarizing articles and long texts and translating into hundreds of languages with great precision, but it is also very effective for generating code and helping to solve technical problems that can take programmers days in a matter of seconds. 

Because of this, some believe that GTP-4 will completely change digital marketing, especially SEO, eliminating the need for millions of jobs. Others argue that it will worsen SEO and the reliability of results since GTP-4 does not cite sources: just because content is uploaded to the internet does not mean it is true. No matter how sophisticated the tool, discernment is not so easy to program and there’s a risk that it could exacerbate the misinformation that already abounds in our fake news era, where Tik Tok is quickly becoming Gen Z’s favorite search engine

trend 2023 chat gpt 4

We are already seeing how the younger generations lose the ability to seek out information: they type in their question on Google and only read the preview of the answer, they don’t even enter the site, where they might find that two paragraphs later what they just read is disproved. 

On the other hand, the texts that GPT-4 produces are very well written, but not very… interesting? Let’s say that if we need to write an article on “How to set up Google Analytics”, GPT-4 could be useful to us because the tool can write that text quite accurately and in less time. Now, if we want to know what it thinks about the Elon Musk-Twitter controversy, it’s not going to be very enlightening. 

Therefore, the conclusion reached by Freddy Vega, CEO of Platzi, is that GPT-4 will not displace all digital marketing jobs, but it will most likely put an end to the easiest ones: those that can essentially be done by a machine. It’s worth saying, they’re not all of them, not even most of them. So rest assured, your job is not necessarily at risk and, in fact, if you learn to use these tools well, they can save you hours of work or help you optimize processes.

Social Networks

The metaverse: the great unknown 

The aforementioned metaverse will continue to grow. How? We have no idea. And if we told you, we’d be lying. What we do know is that the development of the technologies needed to carry out the metaverse is slow. With billions invested so far this year, there are few results in sight. But keep an eye on Mr. Zuckerberg’s investments. And some of the biggest brands are likely to jump on this trend and continue to build on the hype it’s getting. Like Nike, who just bought a virtual shoe company that makes NFTs and sneakers “for the metaverse.” 

trend 2023 Metaverso

Tik Tok: the social media wunderkind

In recent years, Tik Tok has continued to grow and, against all odds, has become one of the most important players in social networks. Tik Tok is not only home to the goofy videos of eleven-year-old girls, it has also become a crucial platform for brands as it has greatly improved their targeting options for advertising.

69% of marketers agree that social media advertising was the area with the highest ROI in 2022. And Tik Tok was one of the platforms that led the way in this. So it is likely that many brands will increase their investment in Tik Tok by 2023.

trend 2023 tik tok


Hybrid chatbots: everything, everywhere, all at once

Chatbots have been around for a long time and have brought huge benefits to companies, both large and small. Thanks to chatbots, large companies can deal with their large number of queries and save time with automated responses. Smaller companies, although they do not necessarily have the same volume of queries, have surely often received messages outside office hours and have lost sales or recruitment opportunities by not responding promptly. In this era of immediacy, the ability to be available at all hours is highly valued and chatbots can help us so that we don’t have to slave away at a keyboard. 

trend 2023 chatbot

Nowadays, hybrid chatbots take this technology a step further by combining today’s decision-making architecture with natural language processing. This means that not only can they answer questions according to a series of preset stages, but thanks to the use of Machine Learning, they can carry the conversation more naturally. In addition, hybrid chatbots offer the option of diverting the conversation to a human when the question cannot be answered automatically. This, of course, requires us to have a customer service team available around the clock. But chatbots allow us to optimize the human team’s time, which can be devoted to more complex support tasks. Everything comes together so that we can offer a more complete service to potential customers.

Did you find this article useful? What other trend would you add? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or maybe just congratulate us on winning the Cup! 🙂

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  1. I found the insights into the 2023 digital marketing trends very intriguing. It’s clear that personalization and AI will play a massive role in the future of digital marketing. Implementing these trends will be essential to stay ahead of the competition and provide the best user experience possible.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comment. We’re delighted that you found the insights intriguing.

      It’s evident that personalization and AI will indeed play a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital marketing.

      If you have any questions or would like to discuss these trends further, please feel free to reach out.


  2. Hello, I appreciate you providing this information since it will help me understand how to avoid unpleasant moving situations. I admire your initiative in selecting this subject.Digital Marketing Trends! I must add that you did good study; I appreciate you sharing this material.

  3. We are really grateful that you shared this digital marketing plan with us, since it has greatly aided the success of our research and projects.

  4. Great read regarding the various types of digital marketing trends nowadays and their benefits for continued business success. Thanks for this.

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