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Happy Marketing: Coca Cola’s secret formula

Estrategia de Marketing Digital de Coca Cola

When talking about digital marketing there’s one rule we can never forget: positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time. This does not only means that you should strongly avoid relating negative concepts to your product, but also that relating positive emotions, like hope or happiness, can be the highly productive. The perfect example of this strategy is Coca Cola’s latest spot called “Security Cameras”.

The Youtube Video

Using hapinness as a marketing strategy

In a time where security cameras represent insecurity and crime, Coca Cola turns them in a beacon of hope and restores faith in humanity, and it just took them a minute and a half. Statistics speak for themselves; this video won a “Sol de Oro” award, it reached more than five million viewers and has forty thousand likes on Youtube. This is not the first time that Coca Cola uses positive emotion to empower the brand; this has been going on for years under the slogan “Open happiness”. Instead of relating their product with banal concepts like status, coolness or fashion, wich have proven to be effective, they took it one step further, they related it with the most positive emotion of them all: Happiness.

How has happy marketing turned profits for Coca Cola? It’s considered the most valuable brand around the world, with a 71,861 brand value according to Interbrand. It’s a fact that emotions drive purchasing decisions, so why don’t we encourage our public to love each other, be helpful, and mainly be happy? As the ad says, it’s just a matter of looking at the world a little differently.

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